The Team

Who We Are

Welcome to the OctopusCapital family! We are a privately held investment company that gives startups a boost at the first stages of growth and pre-seed investment. Our team of highly-educated experts will share a network of specialists and will establish a sustainable business model by analysing your current state, developing a tailor action plan for your business.

OctopusCapital strives to establish long-term relationships with private equities and venture capital firms to create a network of experts that will help you in your business growth.


OctopusCapital offers in-depth business and investment strategy development for international startups and SMEs. Our close ties with global investment representatives and experts, which has established a rich and friendly ecosystem where all our clients can get expertise and help from the field's leading specialists.  Some of these of our partners include field leaders Excelix (ex-VW Management Leader) and Antikythera Capital.


At the early stage, we empower our clients by investing in their early-stage initiatives to successfully complete the pre-seed stage and move forward for new investment opportunities. Later on, we offer the expertise of our close connections who will help you to advance to the next round of funding through VCs, private equities, private investors, or crowdfunding investment.