We turn ideas into reality.

Our relentless passion for innovation and entrepreneurship expertise makes us invaluable partners to startups. We help exceptional founders, inventors, scientists, and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful ventures.


We give startups a boost.

We give you the boost you need during your early stages through pre-seed capital, support, guidance, team resources, and mentorship. As a Cofounder, we invest in you right from the beginning and support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.


We are your venture builders.


We’re more than just investors. We’re your partners that give you bespoke, co-building resources and employ a hands-on approach in helping accelerate your growth. We craft tailor-made solutions that address your business needs and stay with your venture for the long run.




How We Do It















Rich Ecosystem



Our rich ecosystem was built over the years based on trust and transparent collaborations. We are very proud of our ecosystem partners who get things done in the most innovative ways. We make it a point to maintain close ties and nurture mutually beneficial environments where all partners make gains




Reliable Funding



We empower you by investing in your pre-seed and seed stages. As we provide the fuel you need in your early-stage initiatives, we prepare ahead and run the next round of funding with investors, VCs and private equities or crowdfunding campaigns.






Team & Resources



It takes more than a good idea to make a startup successful. You need a collaborative team and supplementary resources to succeed. OctopusCapital provides you with these and more. We identify your needs and find the right people and resources to fill those needs. We create an advisory board comprised of industry experts to guide your startup along the path to success.


Our Investments

Our Ecosystem